Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finding Your Purpose

My nephew is graduating from the University of California in Davis this May and he called me for some career advice. Like most millennials, he wants to make a lot of money and do something "fun". I understand that he wants to find a career in something that is interesting, but I explained to him that work is not about being fun, it is about working and creating value. Now to find his purpose in life, I found a chart that visualizes the four pillars of finding a dream career.

Will you get paid for what you want to sell/do?
Are people willing to pay for your product or service? Playing video games used to have no value, but these days, kids are scoring six to seven figure contracts for playing video games.

Does the world need what you want to sell/do?
This is important because if nobody needs your product/service you will be hard pressed to get paid for it.

Are you good at it?
To have purpose, you must be good at what you do. If this wasn't the case, anyone would be able to do it and your value would diminish.

Do you love it?
This may seem trivial, but think about doing something for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Finding your purpose without love is like making a sandwich without bread. You won't be able to sustain something for a long period of time.

Finding yourself is a rite of passage and something most people go through after college. Finding your purpose is a journey that may be difficult, but it is one of the most rewarding adventures that anyone can have.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Elon Musk is a Failure

Elon Musk is probably the closest thing we have to a a real life Tony Stark. His views on innovation should be studied and used in classes. Musk's SpaceX program and Tesla Automotive companies are on the cutting edge of innovation. Many thought that an all electric car would be a total bust, but Elon Musk has quieted his doubters and is making history. Learning to fail and accepting failure as a part of the innovation process should be on the minds of every CEO. I'm sure that history will look back at Elon Musk and chronicle his successes, but only he will know the many failures that lead to the aforementioned success. For more posts and musings, please visit my other blog at NasirShakouri.net.